30 Non-Black Handbags You Can Wear Every Day

It's no secret that, if you ask most women about their go-to hue to wear, the answer is likely going to be black. And there's a reason for that. The color black has become a universal symbol of effortless chic — it's versatile, it's a no-brainer classic, and it's a safe bet for those days when you just can't decide on an outfit. Though it's reliable (and flattering), falling back on black time and time again may be keeping you from exploring other colors that could look just as good.
No, we're not asking you to drop your affinity for an all-black wardrobe altogether. But, why not consider adding some other shades to your everyday wardrobe? We can even start small: with your handbag. It's the easiest point of entry, and the perfect way to spice up any neutral, minimalist ensemble. Not only will you be surprised with just how much more put-together you'll feel when your bag makes a bold statement, but you might even find yourself inspired to add even more pops of color as time goes on.
So, say good-bye to your everyday black sack and trade up for one of these 30 colorful bags. Click through, and we guarantee you'll find the new black that's perfect for you.

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