Hooked On Tonics: Turns Out, There’s Life Beyond Coconut Water

Ever wake up the morning after a bender (this morning, perhaps?) steeped in pure misery, with the mother of all hangovers? Oy.
That's exactly the predicament Santa Monica-based roomies Elan Eifer and Brian McCaslin found themselves in a few months ago. The centuries-old question they were asking: How do we make it to morning beach yoga after a night of straight boozin’? Their answer: Coco Café, the first all-natural fusion of coconut water and organic espresso. Simply put, if nature’s Gatorade and a Keurig had a baby, it would be Coco Café. Why has no one thought of this boost-boasting beverage before?
L.A. residents carry ludicrous levels of Intelligentsia and VitaCoco in their systems anyway, so this makes total sense to us. But if you’re still not sold on the nutritious nectar, cool beans. There’s a video over on Coco Café’s Facebook page that features Gary Busey accidently giving it a taste test inside a Malibu cigar shop. Not sure that's the ringing endorsement we were looking for, but okay.

Photo: Courtesy of Coco Café