This Faux (And Completely Spot-On) Coachella Lineup Is A Hoot!

Yes, our brows have been beyond furrowed by tomorrow's sure-to-be mad dash for passes to next year's Coachella, sans even a hint of who will be headlining. But, we're glad to see someone can poke some fun at the organizers' hubris with this recently leaked phony poster. We have been LOLing all morning over the fictitious festival call-out, and had to share.
We'd have to say from last year's (err, this year's) shenanigans, our top headliners would have to be No Cell Service, Being Broke For The Rest Of April, Forgetting Where You Parked (oh the stories we could tell!), and yes...despite it all, Fond Memories.
What are your can't-miss acts on this oh-so-true satirical lineup? Please do share your polo-field woes below! (Laughing Squid)
Photo: Via Laughing Squid

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