The Very Best Fall Picks From Coach's New Legacy Collection

Moment of honesty: When we downloaded the lookbook for Coach's new Legacy collection, our market editor said she needed a little "alone time" with the images. Can you blame her? With all the vintage details, fresh pops of color, and — mmm — buttery, buttery leather, it was kind of unfair to ask her to whittle the whole line down to the eight best picks for fall. There were lots of tough choices to be made, especially since every piece from the collection is a little masterpiece in of itself. But we gave her a couple iced coffees and some space, and by gum, she did it. Good job, kiddo!
Now, it's your turn to decide which of these lovelies is going to wind up adding an extra luxe kick to your fall wardrobe. Brace yourself, because it ain't gonna be easy.
Click to see the best of Coach's fall offerings. Oh, and if that's not enough to calm your Coach cravings, just wait. We've got something very, very special heading to Refinery29 soon!

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