Closet Visit Movie Debut In Downtown L.A. To A Stylish Crowd

Closet Visit No.1, Stella, premiered last night at the Standard Downtown L.A. to a crowd of fashionable tastemakers. Based on L.A. artist and photographer Jeana Sohn’s blog,, and directed by Claire Cottrell, this film captures the essence of the Closet Visit star with the first movie focusing on vintage clothing, the locations, and of course, a pretty boy. Stylish guests like Jasmin Shokrian, Clare Vivier, and Jesse Kamm listened to music by Frohawk Two Feather as they sipped on tasty drinks from the bar and watched the short, which played every 30 minutes on loop. Considering all of the stylish candidates that showed up to support, we can’t wait to see whom Sohn features next!
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