The 10-Piece Closet Edit: Why It Works!

With trends moving in and out faster than you can say “overalls,” it’s important to look inside your closet to ensure your main squeezes staples still have prime real estate. Sifting through an overflowing one, though, can be a daunting task, but don’t be overwhelmed. We got the lowdown from top style consultants on how to edit down your wardrobe to 10, yes 10, essentials.
Clos-ette founder and wardrobe consultant Melanie Charlton suggests finding a partner. “Work with either a professional or someone who has an admirable fashion sense and will be 100% honest with you.”
Once your helper's inside your closet, Melanie insists on taking inventory. “I encourage all clients, even ones with small wardrobes, to create an Excel sheet with an itemized list. This provides an easy way to add and subtract as pieces come and go.”
After laying out each piece, New York-based Style for Hire stylist Stefany Mohebban suggests trying on the ones you're unsure about. “Ask yourself these two questions: first, 'When was the last time I wore this?’ and second, ‘Would I buy this today?’ If the answer is no, and you haven't worn this item in a year, then it's time to let it go.”
But, what about the special sweatshirt you wore on the first date with your husband? Melanie points out that people often sentimentalize an unhealthy amount over their clothing. It can also be difficult to toss out numerous pieces that add up to a decent sum of money, so Rachel Wirkus, celebrity stylist and founder of closet-reorganization company RRW+Co, suggests streamlining. "When it’s just the basics left," she says, "you will actually be able to see what is in your closet."
Okay, sold. But, now we have to edit down to 10 pieces. What should we look for? Mohebban advises her clients to build back their wardrobes on essentials like the perfect bootie, a silk blouse, and a great-fitting dress. We took this advice to heart and compiled a list of the 10 must-have essentials. Trust us, less actually is more.