Clogged Up: A Fixation For ’70s Scandi Clunkers Continues

Whenever I'm on Bedford in Williamsburg (usually having just come from unloading cast-offs at Beacon's) I try to walk really really fast past the boutique Jumelle. For one, I always enjoy getting caught up chatting with co-owners Carla and Candice Waldron, which inevitably leads to me casually going through their positively perfect collection of clothing, which then, of course, leads to me blowing my Beacon's loot (and then some). On a recent visit, however, I was extremely jazzed to discover my new favorite shoes, Sven clogs originally launched in the '70s by one Sven Carlsson, were on hand, and not a million dollars. They start at just $135, and though they're not the sexiest shoe in the shoe world, I find them to be charmingly chic, especially the higher black version with a little fringe. Adorable, right? Head to Jumelle or stop by the store to do a special order.

Jumelle is located at 148 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-388-9525; For more information go to
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