The Healthy L.A. Dining Guide For Your Steak-And-Potatoes Guy

T-minus three days until V-Day and those high hopes of maintaining a healthy 2012 diet might feel like they're destined for failure. Especially now that dreams of sharing true love’s kiss over a candlelit butterscotch budino (one bowl, two spoons) haunt your every waking moment.
And if there’s one thing we know about L.A. lovebirds, it’s that the serial foodie demographic makes up 70% of the happy-couple population. So, statistically speaking, you’re doomed.
But fear not! There are far worse things than having a gorgeous glutton for a beau. The trick to making him think he’ll be treated to a decadent dining experience this Tuesday can be found in health guru Jared Koch’s latest tome — Clean Plates Los Angeles: A Guide to the Healthiest, Tastiest and Most Sustainable Restaurants for Vegetarians and Carnivores.
Yes, the title is a mouthful, but this Zagat Lite is your meal ticket to all the guilt- (and gluten-) free restos around town. Bon appetit!

Photo: Courtesy of Clean Plates