CLAWmoney Creates Cool Shades That Are Bedazzled And Bright

Nothing says summer like a fresh pair of sunnies. And although we love ourselves a trip to the new gigantic Sunglass Hut on 5th Ave., sometimes we crave a lil' something different from the same old pair tried-and-true shades. Thanks to NYC graffiti writer CLAWmoney, we're getting a bold new spin on summer sun-protection with some glasses that were inspired by her love of collecting vintage frames. This week, she teamed up with rhinestone maestro Kerin Rose to create a line that's bedazzled and bright. Perfect for a rooftop party or a weekend get-away, these shades will keep you looking cool, covered up, and shinier than the sun.
Above, from top left: X-frames, $300, Bejeweled Nuggets, $300
Above from top top right, Green X-Frames, $300, Blue X-Frames, $300, Yellow X-Frames, $300, all available at
Above from top right, Tortoise Versach ,$300, White Versach, $300, Blue Versach, $300