Claudia Schiffer And January Jones’ Rumored Baby Daddy Drama

Ruh-roh. What's up with all the baby-daddy drama in Hollywood lately? First, the recent scandal involving revelations of former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, putting a Terminator-level destruction on his marriage, admitting to an affair that resulted in a teenaged love-child. And now, we are hearing rumors that Claudia Schiffer's husband of nine years, director Matthew Vaughn, may be the father of January Jones' unborn baby, reportedly conceived during the filming of X-Men: First Class, which Vaughn directed and Ms. Jones stars in. Both Vaughn and Schiffer's lawyers and spokesperson have refuted these rumors, calling them "complete nonsense." For all the parties involved, we sure hope this Maury-level drama doesn't unravel the way it did for the Schwarzeneggers. (Fashionologie)