New Yorkers Think The Giant Lara Stone CK One Ad Contains A Subliminal Sex Message

There's no one like Calvin Klein when it comes to pushing the boundaries with his ad campaigns, and we applaud him for it (yes, we still have those racy Kate Moss ads on our bedroom wall at our parent's house). Well today, it seems like the provocateur may be at it again. We read on Fashion Copious that according to some NYC pedestrians, the giant CK One billboard starring Lara Stone (above) on the intersection of East Houston and Lafayette streets includes "fuck" spelled out in the background. We're sort of on the fence, but here's the 4-1-1 for subliminal message believers: It starts with the small table in the background that's partially hidden by stone. The table's left leg, table top, and support bar can be the "F", the bikini the "U," and the "C" and "K" lie in the logo. So, what do you think so? "Happy Accident" or hidden sex message? Either way, it's kinda cool.