BF’s Ugly Shoes Begone: Louboutin Opens A Men’s Store

We're sure your BF would never actually admit to having shoe envy, but now Christian Louboutin is giving your other half a spot to scoop up his very own red-soled kicks. The designer's brand-new (and first ever in the U.S.!) men's store just opened up today in the Meatpacking District.
Although the label has been hawking its men's line in the women's stores for several years now, this is the first time that the dudes have a space to call their own. The shop was designed to resemble the industrial heritage of its new 'hood, and the decor features exposed piping, and even a piece of railroad track from the nearby High Line. The boutique is outfitted with plenty of merch perfect for the city's most stylish men, and even boasts an upstairs "Tattoo Parlor," where customers can have an image of their own ink embroidered on their brogues.
While the selection here certainly doesn't come cheap (how about those $2,500 studded sneakers?), it's a one-stop-shop of supa-fly accessories. Plus, it can't hurt to browse, and you might even spot a celeb or superstar athlete stocking their wardrobe — Sean Avery, we're looking at you. (WWD)

Photo: Via Women's Wear Daily