Chloe Sevigny Wears Birkenstocks, Is Bored By Fashion Shows

If you had time to read Sunday Styles this weekend, you'd have noticed the giant profile of Chloë Sevigny, which included a picture of the actress posing in her closet, surrounded by, among other things, a pair of dumbbells, what may be a whip, and a complicated-looking harness. The New York Times piece examined her transition from "downtown girl of the moment," to her current, self-described status as a "homebody." Though we all know that Sevigny is the epitome cool (with an equally cool posse), we were surprised to read that she's no longer excited by the contemporary fashion scene now, confessing, "I bought a pair of Birkenstocks today—let’s be real. I wanted a chunky sandal that was functional. That should tell you where I am at as far as fashion.” Despite her constant appearances at high-profile runway shows and events she says, "I hate going to fashion shows...I find them boring." Let's hope that doesn't include her own shows for her collection with Opening Ceremony.