Chill Out With 5 Of The City’s Best Gazpachos

Although we're still in the middle of August, September is coming up FML-quickly and before long we'll be back in our heavy coats buried under a pile of the white stuff. That's why we're going to maximize every last bit of summer that we can, and what better way than to treat yourself to a delicious chilled soup at some of the city's finest eateries? That's right, we've got five of the best gazpachos around, featuring everything from red berries and roasted beets to cuttlefish and nasturtium flowers and a whole lot more weird, good stuff. The best part might just be that you can get most of these cool treats for under $15, but we included two splurges as well in case you're hungry for more (and honey, we always are). Summer's really all about spoiling yourself, so take some time out to visit these locales and taste the most sensational flavors the season has to offer. Soup doesn't have too many calories, obviously.