Check Out These Stunning Images Of Ryan McGinley's Muse, Coco Young

Editor's Note, February 3, 2015: Coco Young, the subject of this story, reached out to let us know she is no longer modeling. She is currently working as a photographer — her debut book, Vanity, was published in November 2014.
We're all muses to someone, but being a muse to renowned photographer Ryan McGinley is a special feat. PYT Coco Young has been the apple of McGinley's eye, and it's not hard to see why. Why bedroom eyes, a lithe figure, and—oh yeah—hair that inspires poetry, it's unsurprising that she's also captured the attention of Marc Jacobs, photographers Richard Kerns and Dana Lauren Goldstein, director KT Auleta, and artist John Currin. The Nowness did an exclusive interview with Coco, and we've got some additional photos shot by Columbine Goldsmith. Click here to view the interview, and see below for our pics.

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