Cheap Thrill: Perk Up Your Trouser Routine With These So-Fun Pants

Classic chinos are great for the office, but they don't pack the same punch when you want to head to happy hour or the newest resto after work. Luckily, you can break out of your standard pants practice and try something a little more playful — like these Sparkle & Fade floral beauties, which ring up at a mere $49.
They'll turn heads for all the right reasons at a rooftop bar, but they'll also fit right in at your 9-to-5 with a black blazer and a simple blouse. The best part? This so-hot print isn't going anywhere this fall, so you can wear these pants straight on through the next season. Now that's a steal.
Sparkle & Fade Floral Twill Pants, $49, available at Urban Outfitters.

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