Cheap Thrill: Bensimon’s Tennis Shoes Hit a Sweet Spot for Fall

Our friends Carla and Candice over at Jumelle in Williamsburg just sent us some pics of their newly stocked Bensimon tennis sneakers. Carla discovered the French lifestyle label while living in Paris several years ago, and lucky for us the sisters are stocking the classic-comfy La Tennis Lacet (lace-up) and the La Tennis Montante style (mid-top) for fall and winter. We like the red lo-top ones ($52) best. Curious to see more of what Bensimon has in the works these days—their clothing is pretty fantastic and minimal, too7mdash;we headed to their website where we were confronted by the most hypnotic and haunting acoustic guitar music. Check it out Incredible, right? Very Wim Wenders lost in Marfa or something along those lines.