Charlotte at Play: Ronson’s New Collection for Urban Outfitters

Fresh off the heels of the debut of Steven Alan's Lark & Wolff line, Urban Outfitters has just unveiled it's newest designer collaboration—Play by C. Ronson. Now, this isn't the first time the more fashionable of the Ronson twins has been stocked at the forward-thinking suburban-conquoring retailer. It is, however, the first time Ronson has designed an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters and created something so sweet, so natural, and so inexpensive.

Said Ronson in an interview on the UO website, "We are able to create high quality pieces at a lower price point and make them more accessible to a larger number of people. My line has also become more sophisticated and so it was fun to be able to bring in more of the C. Ronson elements." The echos of her main line are everywhere—particularly in a youthful blouse with a restrained, candy-colored pattern—but as she said, the focus is on a younger look with more versatile, matchable separates for the girl who only needs a piece here and a piece here to tune up her wardrobe. Rifling through the lookbook, we were frankly a little surprised that the same store that sells Pac-Man T-shirts and books on marijuana horticulture could turn out something so fresh, flexible, and sophisticate. Maybe a trip to the mall is in order.
The Play by C. Ronson collection is available at select Urban Outfitters and through their online store at