Two Charlie Sheen Cocktails With Tiger’s Blood And Adonis DNA

If you're one of the more than a million twitter users who started following Charlie Sheen since the what-the-hell-happened actor started tweeting three days ago, you'll notice that a popular hashtag of his is "tigerblood." Indeed, Sheen told the Today show's Jeff Rossen he had "tiger blood" that apparently insulated him from addiction, a theme he followed up with on Access Hollywood: "It's blood that flows through me that I can feel." Sheen also shared with Today the fact that he possessed "Adonis DNA." Well to capitalize on the self-proclaimed warlock's undeniable magical powers, mixologists everywhere are getting in on Charlie Sheen's craziness with signature Sheen-themed cocktails. We've picked two of our favorite recipes to give your weekend a nice kick-start, albeit one we hope won't land you at the Plaza with a high-priced hooker.
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