So Weird It Works: Chanel’s Tricked-Out Super-Beanies

Beanies have been a fixture of our winter wardrobes for as long as we've needed something to keep our heads warm (or to hide unsalvageable bedhead). Even so, lately we've paid a lot more attention to how we wear these knit caps and with what. Paired with formal wear, attached to a veil, worn with a crop top when it's not even that cold  out — you've likely seen and been nonplussed by all of this. Well, Karl Lagerfeld isn't content with any ho-hum accessories, and at today's Chanel Couture show, he trotted out some of the wildest beanies ever. His wacky hats are somehow so weird that they work. 
Sitting atop the heads of models in tweed suits; delicate, feminine dresses; and the aforementioned-but-now-Chanel-reimagined crop tops, beanies were but one of the stand-out themes of the Chanel garden party on the spring '15 runway. The stiff and fluffy hats were reminiscent of '90s sack caps, but these were bedecked according to the collection's botanical theme with flowers and butterflies. They also came with pom poms and the label's signature smattering of pearls — possibly Coco's personal sign of support for the working-man's topper, which would befit her history of giving men's work clothes the couture treatment. (Those Breton stripes, anyone?)
If you're itching to recreate the over-the-top look right now, you could get your hands on a glue gun and some pearls, but we recommend simply layering a pair of oversized and stiff beanies that can be shaped like the ones on the runway. They should sit tall and wide on your crown but slouch imperfectly at the top. It's not a styling trick for the timid, but why not give it a try?

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