These Chanel Creepers Are Ugly In All The Right Ways

If you were to describe these shoes to a friend, they might not sound quite as desirable as you'd like: "They're like metallic-silver boat shoes that lace up and have a buckle on the toe, with a thick rubber sole that comes with a deep, thick tread. Think running shoe meets souffle dish...."
If your friend had any good sense at all, she'd probably run the opposite direction. Unless, of course, your friend is us, in which case we'd high five you for finding the ugliest, most awesome shoes we've seen in years. Cara Delevingne recently Instagrammed a pair of silver creepers that we first saw at the Chanel cruise '13 show, and we love them even more up close and personal. Though, we might not pair ours with Meloncat hair and Marie Antoinette ball gowns, we would rock them all summer long with cropped trousers, sundresses, and cut-offs — stilettos be damned! (@caradelevingne)

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