Chance Dreams Up Our Perfect Palm Springs Weekend In This Vid

Sure, it's only Monday. But if you're anything like us, you're already looking forward to the weekend ahead. And, if you peep this new video by stripe-centric label Chance, your daydreams are about to get even more vivid.
Set in Palm Springs and shot by Andrew Paynter, the two-minute clip, dubbed "Saturday," shows a lady all decked out in Chance wares, starting off her weekend in a super-ideal manner. She wakes up in a gorgeous modern abode, backfloats in her pool, hand writes notes on chic stationery, plays the ukulele, and goes shopping for cacti (in an utterly cool vintage car, no less).
"The film is about the bliss of summer Saturday mornings when you wake up, the whole day stretched out in front of you like the ribbon running down the middle of a desert highway," says designer Julia Leach.
With the Cali dreamin' that this video induces, it's no surprise that it was commissioned to highlight Chance's new California Collection, which was inspired by Leach's tenure in San Francisco for a summer, with plenty of jaunts to Palm Springs and the Central Coast thrown in. Want to see the locally themed collection, which includes roadtrip-worthy totes, towels, knits, and espadrilles, in person? Head to the Chance pop-up at Barneys Beverly Hills. Until then, peep the video above and plan your weekend getaway accordingly.

Video: Courtesy of Chance