From Canned Soup To Pantone Books: The Essentials The Fashion Elite Swear By

We all have our things that get us through the work day. The office coffee machine, a playlist your BFF made you, the ability to check Refinery29 when you need a break (just sayin') can make all the difference when it comes to not feeling burned out by 3 p.m. But, for the over 400 members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, there's a whole different set of requirements. In fact, the people behind so many of the clothing and accessories we covet have more than a few secrets to making it through the day and into the CFDA. Bet you didn't know canned soup was one of them.
Office bubbly, incense, and inspiration boards are just the few things mentioned in the CFDA's recently released book, The Pursuit of Style. Ramping up for the major awards night on June 2, the fashion organization's new read is a small peek inside what designers like Tory Burch, Giles Mendel, and some 398 others consider to be the secrets to their success. However, the part that struck us was these creatives' studio essentials. For instance, guess who credits a proper work space with "balcony" and "Brandon?" Let's just say it's not exactly the behind-the-seams essentials you might expect.
Take a peek at the excerpt ahead, and then order the full tome of musings and music obsessions (at least a few of them) on Amazon.

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