Dear Blurry NYFW ‘Grams: This Could Have Been You

Listen, Fashion Week: We're sorry for any subpar Instagram moments. Sometimes, those blurred runway shots and backstage snaps that could use some serious art direction are the best that us spectators can do. With a combination of speedy walking, bright lights, and swarms of people around you about to nudge you out of focus, it's not easy to snap a photo with our (oft temperamental) phones that actually do the new designs justice. But, the group of pictures ahead are what your #NYFW could have looked like in an ideal world.
Some of the most stunning behind-the-scenes and front row moments from last week's shows were from the CFDA's own 'gramming wizards. The inaugural Instagram Award winner, @aguynamedpatrick, was on the scene, as were the runners up @dapperlou and @amy_stone all using the hashtag #R29xCFDA. But, for anyone who's ever taken 50 test shots before finding "the one," the results of their work look way too beautiful to just have been created in the palms of their hands. A non-shaky pair, we can assume.
These CFDA partners are able to make teeny squares look like a pages ripped from Vogue, and even the most intense runway walkers look like they've been frozen mid-strut. But, don't get too discouraged with your own blurry, grainy photos. Consider this a dose of inspiration to banish them for good next season.