Guess Who This Starlet Is (We Couldn’t)

Okay, so maybe you're a lot more clued in than we are, but when we first saw this paparazzi pic, we racked our brain trying to figure out if there was a pretty young Nickelodeon star or a Top 40 popstress we didn't know about. Wearing rust-colored Genetic Denim cigarette pants, a tan, semi-sheer blouse, stacked heels, and a floppy camel hat, the blonde-haired gal looks mysterious and put-together—a killer (and often difficult) combination to pull off well. Together with the perfectly coiffed hair (she did just come from Ken Paves' salon), this singer/model/actress threw us off our guessing game. Sure, there are some telltale signs, but all in all, we think this pap-snap was worth posting to see if you could do better than we did. Click to the next page to see if you outguessed us at our own game!
Photo: Courtesy of Genetic Denim.
Yes, it's Lindsay Lohan—did you know right away, or are you still focused on her leaked Playboy cover? You might disagree, but for the first time in a long time, we think LiLo looks somewhat pulled-together. lindsaylohannyfw
Photo: Courtesy of Mission.