Where To Spot A Celebrity In New York This Summer

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The number one way to stay cool during New York City in the summer isn’t air conditioning. Well, just kidding. It definitely is. But, to harvest the Instagram likes and maximum Snapchat story glory from our superficial peers, all you really have to do is spot a celebrity in the wild of the concrete jungle.

The thing is, New York’s finest ladies are really just simple girls about town (celebs, they're just like us, right?) They readily flock to their reliable go-tos, attempting to slip past flashes of paparazzi to indulge in a bowl of pasta with their #BFFs (And then 'gram it for the world to see — and envy.) Luckily, thanks to this social media oversharing, it's almost too easy to emulate the New York lives of famous folk, and head to the restaurants, bars, and doorsteps they frequent on the reg.

If you're aiming for A-list status this season, we recommend throwing on your favorite matching set and heading to one of these 28 celeb-approved locales. Just don’t tell Taylor we sent you, okay? We are not down for any "Bad Blood."
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Lena Dunham
Live like the infamous Girls creator and born-and-bred New Yorker by spending a majority of your time in Williamsburg, where Dunham can usually be found filming the HBO hit. Recently, she was spotted alongside the show’s new intern, Malia Obama (yes, casual), at Aurora Ristorante on Grand Street, where the two undoubtedly dished on boys, school, and all things POTUS (and FLOTUS, for that matter) over a shaved brussels sprout and kale salad.

Although Dunham has named both Nancy Whiskey and Bar Centrale as long-time favorites for a night cap, as of late, you're less likely to catch her with a cocktail than you are to find her breaking a sweat at Tracy Anderson's fitness studio in Tribeca.

When she's feeling indulgent, though, she's admits you'll find her chowing down on a burger in the West Village; "I've always been a Corner Bistro lover, [and] the hamburgers there," she said in an interview with TimeOut. "And I shouldn't say this, but it was a good place to use your fake ID in high school." Lena, #AlwaysTheRebel.
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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has basically nominated herself as the imported queen of all things New York (and the city has, of course, welcomed her with open arms), but that’s not to say she’s a hard-partying socialite about town. In fact, most of T-Swift’s outings are surprisingly low-key. Though, what else would you expect from a girl who fancies throwing dance parties and baking sessions at her Tribeca digs?

The Taylor Swift guide to New York is comprised of the simplest of things, really: Grabbing groceries at Whole Foods (preferably with your supermodel bestie or BF in tow); dining at The Spotted Pig (where she not only made amends with Yeezy, but dragged poor Ed Sheeran along to third-wheel her date); grabbing a cup of coffee at The Smile To-Go; feeding her literary needs at Soho’s McNally Jackson bookstore; and squeezing in exercise at the almost too-ironically named ModelFit on Bowery. (Note: This $40-per-session routine might just help you fit into Taylor’s #SquadGoals. That, and landing a multi-million dollar modeling contract.)
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Hilary Duff
Oh, Hilary, how we will always love you — especially when you’re dyeing your hair blue and getting a 'BK' tattoo because you recently relocated to Park Slope. She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom, which is why she sips the lowest of low-key beverages at the East River Bar in Williamsburg, and — screams! — frequents the Bedford Avenue subway stop in the cleverest of disguises.

For a day on the town, brunch at Balthazar (where Duff's forever-young Lizzie McGuire mug got her carded), or Marlow & Sons, which can't be beat. Other recommendations include shopping sprees at Topshop and Intermix (while donning $10,000 worth of clothing), avoiding Lower East Side drunken escapades, and strolling the streets of Brooklyn with an imaginary, cartoon version of your own conscience (you know, in the spirit of nostalgia).
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Chloë Sevigny
Longtime New York social scene connoisseur and art-world darling Chloë Sevigny has done everything but draw an actual map to finding her in the streets. Hello, the girl gives away her favorite city haunts in interviews like she’s telling sweaty strangers how to get to Times Square. All you really have to do is hit up a show at Brooklyn’s Union Pool, and you'll be living the live of a Kid.

For a true fashion experience, cruise to Vintage Thrift in Gramercy, where Sevigny shops for some of her most sought-after strange favorites. If you’re down to dance, join the still-so-'90s club crowd at The Pyramid in the East Village (though even the "coolest girl in the world" has griped about her former 'hood, and, like most other renaissance women, moved to Brooklyn).

But, for the most highbrow-lowbrow hang (a.k.a the most Chloë Sevigny move, ever) throw on your Chanel sweater and combat boots and grab a martini at her self-proclaimed “Eloise-uptown spot,” The Carlyle. Fear you've downed one too many? Simply journey to Lil' Frankies Pizzeria for a late-night slice. Just think, if you don’t leave with your aura on another level of cool, you’ll at least leave looking cute on a full stomach. Chic!
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"New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of " — and where the Carters (newly-minted bi-coastal life or not) still reign supreme.

During the year, Bey and Jay can be found court side when things "go down" at Barclays Center, but in the off-season, you're more likely to catch the couple surveying the latest acts on the music scene in the VIP at Terminal 5 for some entertainment indulgence (and a little date night, duh). If you prefer to romance over one of the best pies in town instead, Lucali is a surefire win (it's where the duo went instead of the Grammy's, after all), as are Shuko, Bar Pitti, and La Esquina. For a family affair, Buttermilk Channel and Sant Ambroeus, get the Blue Ivy-seal of approval. Our only question, does this fam ever eat at home?

In the end, your best bet might be for a Bey-perience may very well be Blossom, a vegan eatery where she gets schooled by chef Marco Borges on her new plant-based lifestyle. Let her upgrade you, and get your body...bodied? Yeah, let’s go with that.
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Karlie Kloss
Potentially the founding member of Swift’s infamous girl gang, Karlie Kloss is, of course, a famous supermodel who is privy to the very finest of locales that New York’s sweaty summer streets can offer.

So where does this 6'1" lady boss frequent most in the city of dreams? The subway, of course! Surprise — the Victoria's Secret Angel enjoys train delays and manspreading, just like the rest of us; except the majority of "the rest of us" aren't one of the world's most popular models, who also happens to be studying coding at NYU. Sigh.

Certain aspects of her New York life are certainly more attainable: think manicures at Jin Soon Spa, coffee (hehe!) at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop, dinners at Kappo Masa, Sarabeth's, and Market Table. Note: Being accompanied by Taylor Swift for all of the above activities is not suggested — it's required.
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Zoë Kravitz
The effortlessly-cool daughter of two angels — Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, in case you didn’t know — has been a New York resident for years now. This self-identified “regular girl,” like most New Yorkers, takes the subway, hits up her local bodega for snacks, finds her apartments on Craigslist, and even picks up her waitress friend’s paychecks at Cafe Mogador in Williamsburg; in an interview with Vulture, she admitted its food was what she missed most while filming Mad Max.

Other oh-so average New York activities include dining at The Smile in Nolita with your fellow multi-talented powerhouse BFFs, like Cara Delevingne, or going anywhere and everywhere Drake does — the two are best friends, collaborators, and "like family." See, just your regular NYC gal!
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Lady Gaga
Perhaps the most New York of them all, born-and-bred Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (a.k.a Lady Gaga, for short), stays true to her roots with — what else? — a good piece of pizza. Her go-to for dabbing the grease off a slice is Famous Amadeus Pizza. Our recommendation? Not pulling a Gaga and chowing down topless. (Though, it does save our clothes from the inevitable marinara sauce splatter.)

For a ritzier encounter, check out Momofuku Ssam Bar, Nobu, or Morimoto — all lavish dining experiences that have received the Gaga-Kinney romance seal of approval. If a drink is more your speed, she's done impromptu performances at the Oak Room and SixtyFive, both swanky, old-New York cocktail bars where she’s been known to croon and cruise.

But. to get the most monster experience with Mother Monster herself, get your sweat on at one of celeb trainer Tricia Donegan's Bikram yoga classes on the Lower East Side. (FYI: Gaga maintains that hot yoga needs to happen at least five times a week, hungover or not). Seriously, this woman is our idol.

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