Where To Spot A Celebrity In New York This Summer

The number one way to stay cool during New York City in the summer isn’t air conditioning. Well, just kidding. It definitely is. But, to harvest the Instagram likes and maximum Snapchat story glory from our superficial peers, all you really have to do is spot a celebrity in the wild of the concrete jungle.
The thing is, New York’s finest ladies are really just simple girls about town (celebs, they're just like us, right?) They readily flock to their reliable go-tos, attempting to slip past flashes of paparazzi to indulge in a bowl of pasta with their #BFFs (And then 'gram it for the world to see — and envy.) Luckily, thanks to this social media oversharing, it's almost too easy to emulate the New York lives of famous folk, and head to the restaurants, bars, and doorsteps they frequent on the reg.
If you're aiming for A-list status this season, we recommend throwing on your favorite matching set and heading to one of these 28 celeb-approved locales. Just don’t tell Taylor we sent you, okay? We are not down for any "Bad Blood."