Wedding Crashers: Peep The First-Dance Songs Of The Rich And Famous

When a celeb wedding comes to town, we're the first to scour the web for scoop on the stars' big days. We want every salacious detail from the guest list to the groom's facial hair. (Can you believe how many 5 o'clock shadows have made appearances lately?)
But, as it turns out, rarely do reporters get the good stuff. You know what we're talking about: The dinner menu, who got inappropriately drunk, and that good 'ole first dance, which is often a couple's most intimate moment that's typically held under wraps...until now! BrideFinds put together a list of 50 first-dance songs from some of our favorite star-studded marriages. It seems some singers like Beyoncé selected their own hits for the special occasion (a little bit of an ego trip?), while others chose classic-rock bands like Journey.
Peep the entire roster and brace yourself for a few aww-worthy moments. While, on the other hand, we're sure a few tunes will have you scratching your head. (Um, was Green Day really the best you could think of Mark Zuckerberg?!) (BrideFinds)

Photo: Via BrideFinds