11 Celebrity Transformations That Prove The Power Of Eyeliner

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Just as moving a couch one foot to the left has the potential to suddenly make an entire room look twice its size, the tiniest tweaks to the way you apply makeup can make your whole face look different. (Okay, so maybe that first part is just the delusion of someone who really, really needs a bigger apartment. Who’s to say?)
In our experience, eye makeup is the most effective catalyst for making the biggest changes to your look in the least amount of time. A swipe of contrasting shadow can turn your hazel eyes bright green; a well-executed coat of mascara (and a shot of espresso) can take you from half-asleep to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
But sometimes, what you really need is a little definition, some real drama, or even a one-step shortcut to smoked-out sex appeal. For that, eyeliner’s got you covered. Whether it’s the humble black pencil you’re reaching for or a pot of gel that requires a steady hand and a separate brush to apply, liner is a godsend for those times you just need to shake it up. Need proof? Just check out these 11 celebrity before-and-afters.

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