Caroline Issa’s Guide To Every Single Item That Makes Up A Complete Wardrobe

Literally and figuratively, Caroline Issa is a businessperson first and a fashion person second. Her entré into the fashion world happened after more than a decade of graduating from Wharton School of Business, wearing a suit, and working as a management consultant. Although she's the CEO of Tank Magazine these days, and a style icon in her own right, her outfits never fall into frivolous territory. She's a chronic garment repeater (as those who stalk her street style know), and it's that knack for outfit-building — as opposed to look-wearing — that's made Issa's style so compelling.
She recently teamed up with Nordstrom — who happen to be one of the first brands she worked with as a management consultant — to create a line of luxury basics that act as the foundation to a modern woman's wardrobe. And, seriously, it's all there in the spring delivery: With five jackets, five shirts, two dresses, three skirts, and two pants that all match one another in the current lookbook, there are about a million different outfits you could concoct with just this.
Use this collection to fill a hole in your wardrobe or as a challenge to get your closet as tightly edited. We're pretty sure that with just these 17 items, you can get dressed for an entire year's worth of occasions — from work to weddings to Paris Fashion Week.
"I’ve been designing for a really professional, active woman in mind," Issa says. "What do I need in my life, and what do I need working with my Dior special piece? How does it all mix and match? It’s definitely given me a different perspective, but I’m hoping that comes through with the tailoring and with the understanding that you can be in an office, but that you can also have fun with fashion."
The collection screams "Caroline," but Issa chalks her influence up to a few other women: "When we did our initial mood boards, I was really looking to women with the kind of American style that is just as iconic today as it was 30 years ago — like Lauren Hutton, Lauren Bacall, and Slim Keith."
Sound as good to you as it does to us? Debuting February 9, look for the collection in 55 Nordstrom stores and on In the meantime, click through to see 17 of the 28 garments ahead. We'll be updating as all images are made available.