Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Wants Poor Art Students, DVF’s Daughter Directs, And Loehmann’s Has A Small Feet Shoe Sale

Got small feet?Lucky bitch!Loehmann's is holding a designer shoe sale that is solely (pun intended) for size sixes and sevens. Hey, that's discrimination! (Racked)
The creepy lap bouncing dolphin man from the subways is being sniffed out by producers for a TV show. We have a feeling it will be like To Catch a Predator meets Flipper. (Gawker)
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has announced that she is starting an NYC-Paris art student exchange for underprivileged art students. Isn't that every art student? (Animal)
Diane von Furstenberg's daughter Tatiana has directed a movie that will premiere at Gen Art's upcoming New York Film Festival. Mama must be so proud! (Fab Sugar)
Donatella Versace spent nearly $5,000 on sunglasses in the Meatpacking District. Makes sense since she's so tan... (New York Post)
The Kell On Earth renewal is up in the air. Has she run out of employees to fire? (Fashionologie)