Can You Believe Andrew Mukamal Used To Dress Like A Frat Boy?

Stylist and consultant Andrew Mukamal (who you likely remember as Kelly Cutrone's right-hand-man from Bravo's "Kell On Earth") is one of our favorite fashion chameleons. From all-over black to this traffic-cone orange Jil Sander ensemble that temporarily blinded everyone in our office, we always want to know what this guy is wearing. Well, it turns out that Andrew was a trendsetter even as a tot. Over at Stylelist, he chronicles some of his favorite outfits, from his matchy-matchy toddler gear to his shocking preppy days. Seriously, this guy has worn everything from polo shirts to Wednesday Adam's attire and has, may we say, donned it all fabulously. Click here to check out Andrew's fashion transformation and tell us what's your favorite outfit (crazy or sane) you used to wear? (Stylelist)

Photo: Via Styelist.