Can Park Avenue Make Dumpster Diving Chic?

Dumpsters. What could be more trashy? Get ready to change your perceptions of these giant garbage receptacles—for the first three Saturdays in August, the Bloomberg Administration is opening three "Dumpster pools" on Park Avenue (between 40th and 41st Street). The NYC swimming pools will be above ground, with metal decks, changing room cabanas, portable showers, and portable cabanas. And you know it's cool when one of our fave gyms, Crunch, is donating lifeguards. No word on whether the dumpsters have been used, though the city's transportation commissioner claims they are "clean...pools that will put even more 'park' into Park Avenue." We'd never thought we'd say this, but with temps hitting the mid '80s before 10a.m., we may have to do our own dumpster diving—it is Park Ave after all. (New York Times)