11 Ways To Make Sex In A Tent So Much More Comfortable

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux.
Once I made it through the obligatory family camping trips of my youth, I expected to never step foot into a tent again. (The great outdoors isn't really my thing.) But that vow lasted only a few years, because soon after I finished college, a woman I was sleeping with asked me to go camping with her. It was an intriguing offer. Camping sucks when you're forced to share a tiny tent in the freezing California mountains with your brother, I thought, but maybe it'd be amazing when you get to have loud, wild, (kind of) outdoor sex.
Unfortunately, my dreams of camping sex adventures were shattered when my partner and I arrived at our campsite late and were forced to set our tent up: 1) right next to a tent that was housing three children; 2) on top of a large rock. We still had sex, but it was a very watered-down (and much more painful... in a not-fun way) version of the unabandoned camping sex I'd envisioned. Needless to say, I've re-upped my vow to never go camping again.
But that doesn't mean that all camping sex is destined to be terrible. I still hold out hope that outdoor-enthusiasts can have fantastic sex in their tents. So, I spoke with two outdoor sex experts to help you do it right. Read on for their advice below, and learn from my mistakes.

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