Camila Coelho's Secret To Melt-Proof Makeup Is So Crazy It Works

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I last spoke to Camila Coelho in the fall about her Lancôme lipstick collaboration, a 10-product homage to her Brazilian roots. Since then, it's been a whirlwind for the influencer, who's launched her inaugural fashion brand and attended her first MET gala with designer Diane von Furstenberg. After a major couple of months, I spoke with her again as she got ready for the Lollapalooza music festival as part of a partnership with Pantene and Walgreens. But this time around, we chatted about summertime beauty tips, the one makeup trend she can't get behind, and the future of Instagram. Highlights from our conversation, below.
The following was told to Thatiana Diaz and edited for length and clarity.

On Melt-Proof Makeup

"I find that using a fixing spray at the end of my makeup routine really does help out and my makeup stays on all day — but my trick is spraying it on before applying any makeup. Then I drench my face after my makeup is done, too. It sounds crazy but it really works. That really holds your makeup all day long and I don't need to touch it up no matter how humid it is. I use Urban Decay's All Nighter. I recently brought it to Mexico, which was the perfect time to test it out."

On Fighting Summertime Frizz

"Growing up, my mom always stressed that I needed to keep my hair hydrated, so I used hair masks at least once a week. Now, for me, hair is like skin. I need to take care of my skin so that my makeup looks better. The same applies to my hair; having it hydrated helps so much when I'm styling it or even just leaving it straight. Hydrating your hair is like a base for everything that you're going to do after. I've used Pantene's Rescue Shots for so long, which are practical since it's literally like a shot and gives you the right amount of product. Plus, once you rinse it off, your hair is not heavy like lots of masks.
"This [partnership with Pantene] is so organic, because I've used Pantene since I was little. I remember watching the ads on television and I thought that if you used Pantene, you had the most beautiful hair. I literally had the brand's shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom growing up in Brazil."

On Summertime Hairstyling

"During the summer, I love curling my hair and doing the half-up style because you can keep your hair out of your face and it's just easier to create on an everyday basis. I also love doing low buns with loose strands of wavy hair in the front. And I love braids."

On The One Beauty Trend She Can't Get Behind

"Glossy lids is something I love and it looks so beautiful in editorials. I've done it on myself, but I feel that it's something that doesn't work out for me. I don't know if it's because my lashes are so long but my hairs get stuck and it bothers me since it gets messy."

On The Biggest Misconceptions Of Being An Influencer

"People assume that [influencers] lives are perfect and that we don't have any struggles, but Instagram is the best version of our lives. We usually share our good moments, when we're having fun, and those highlights. You're just looking at the good side of peoples lives, but then people don't see the hard work that goes behind it. There are hours of sleep we miss every night, because there's a lot that goes on behind all this content that we create."

On Changes On Instagram

"For brands and partners that influencers work with, we will still be able to share the reach and the engagement [even if likes are removed]. So, to do partnerships, I don't think it will impact that. Hiding likes can be influential, because people are judging themselves so much on how many likes they get on a picture and comparing themselves. It's normal for everyone, including myself, to judge a picture by how many likes you have. Sometimes your content is just not seen by everyone that follows you, so you can get less likes, but I'll still judge the photo thinking, 'Maybe this wasn't a great picture?' I also think this will make Instagram a more organic platform. I think it will be good. Let's see!"
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