Byrdie Bell Is Lumene’s New Ambassador (Plus, A Maje Freebie!)

Since we can’t exactly squeeze a Finnish spa day into our budgets (yet), we're pretty jazzed that skin care line Lumene offers up the next best thing. Their products are so sensational, they really do make us feel like we just jetted back from an amazing Arctic retreat (minus the bill).
Not only does the brand boast holistic, berry-infused ingredients that leave your skin feeling full of life and au naturel, they’ve also nabbed actress-slash-socialite Byrdie Bell as their official U.S. brand ambassador (she's of Nordic decent, natch). Bell says: “The power of the arctic ingredients sets Lumene apart – you really see results, which I love.”
And to celebrate bringing Byrdie on board, Lumene is hosting a fun Nordic-themed giveaway. Head to their Facebook page, and upload a video based on the "essential ingredients" of your life. You could score a flight to Finland, plus a day at Kamp Spa. Wowza! So, whether yoga is your thing, or it’s dinner with a friend that keeps you sane, Lumene wants a peep. Check out Byrdie’s chill vid to get in the competitive spirit!

Video: Via Lumene