30 Photos Of Unretouched Butts, In Case You Forgot What They Really Look Like

This story was originally published on September 16th, 2014.
Butts have been having a moment. Such a moment, in fact, that even the staff over at Vogue caught wind of the trend. Last week, as the mag triumphantly ushered us into the "official era of the big booty," Twitter responded incredulously, informing the publication that big butts did, in fact, exist pre-2014 New York Fashion Week.
Previously, Vice — a publication that's certainly familiar with all things T&A — opted for whimsically attired (and oddly shiny) bottoms in their recent shoot, reminding us that butts like to dress up, too.
Here at R29, we support and cherish all butts — from the au courant round booty to the pancake-ier shape that has fallen by the cultural wayside. From cellulite, stretch marks, and age spots to the perkiest of young butts, we believe they all deserve to have an "official era." And, that era should be all the time.
To that end, we photographed the butts of 30 women. And, we asked how they feel about their backsides — what they love, what they think is funny, and whether or not Vogue's "radical" acceptance of bodies larger than a sample size has affected their lives. Ahead, 30 butts of all shapes and sizes, both bare and festively adorned. No Photoshop.

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