What Happens When Women Get Real About Their Insecurities

This article was originally published on December 31, 2015.
Body positivity has come a long way, but most of us still have that one part of our bodies we're not too excited about. It can be hard to remember that the thing we like least about ourselves is often the thing that makes us unique — and the thing that other people find most intriguing. As part of our insecurities project, we asked two women what they were once insecure about — and how they learned to accept what they used to consider "flaws." "Insecurity" can mean different things to different people. According to one woman in the video, it's "that tiny little crack in your self-esteem that can make it crumble." Venus has been self-conscious about her eyes and once considered getting surgery to make them look bigger. But now, she says she feels really confident about how she looks. She remembers one teacher telling her that even though her eyes are small, "they know how to talk." To Hannah, another woman in the video, an insecurity is "something that makes you want to hide yourself and stops you from seeing your own beauty." She's been insecure about her birthmark in the past, but now she says it makes her feel special and helps her stand out "in a good way." Check out the video to get the full story, and see the rest of our insecurities project here.

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