Vogue‘s “Big Butt” Fail Brought Us This Amazing Hashtag

Last week, Vogue boldly announced that The Era of the Big Booty has arrived — thanking a (mostly white) list of stars like Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Nicki Minaj for what it sees as a new cultural age. The fashion mag heralded the beginning of an era in which curvy women will begin to be noticed, their assets appreciated, and the Internet had a bit of a meltdown.
The criticism was varied, but mostly called the article just another instance of white people "discovering" a trend that has, in fact, been around for years (a phenomenon has been helpfully dubbed "Columbusing"). As Bridget Armstrong, a blogger at Bigga Picture put it: The article "implies — by omission — that black culture doesn’t exist outside of white perspective... If white folks ain’t up on it, it doesn’t exist." Or more succinctly, Kim Kardashian didn't invent having a big ass.
But, amid the tone-deafness is a silver lining: #VogueArticles. The good people of Twitter responded, as they do, with a perfect hashtag — a satirical imagining of other absurdly out-of-touch Vogue articles. The results are hilarious and scathing. Here's hoping none of them ever get written:

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