Bubble Lounge: Vintage Drinking Gear for the Holidays…

One of our favorite things to hunt for on eBay, flea markets, and vintage stores alike, is old-world drinking gear. Nothing is prettier and more festive than a colorful Atomic-patterned shaker or a set of gorgeous little low-balls. And really, it would be hard to score a better gift for the guy or girl who loves to entertain (or just have a perfectly shaken martini all on their lonesome). Here are a few of our favorite boozy finds. If you snap them up now, dad can definitely open it up by Hannukah.
Clockwise, from left:
Martini Vermouth Torino Poster—Isn't she lovely?
Shaker/glasses set—Cowboy cocktails for all!
Vintage West Bend Ice Bucket—Get your rocks off.