Beauty Test Lab: Can This Brush-On Mascara Give You Longer Lashes?

Our quest for longer, lusher lashes is well-documented. Really, we'll try any magic wand that promises to give us a fringe worthy of a mascara ad. Which is how our senior beauty editor, Megan McIntyre, wound up plastering her lashes with Pop Beauty's new brush-on mascara.
Featuring a nifty comb applicator, the product is meant to be brushed through your lashes with the hope of coating each and every lash as you comb it on. Does it work? We'll show you. Hit play above and watch as Megan gives this odd little device a try — oh, and in the process, learn how to use it and pick up some useful mascara application techniques, too.
Pop Beauty Peak Performance Mascara, $20, available at Ulta.

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