How To Use Bronzer Again If You're Sick Of The Contouring Trend

Thanks to the Kardashians, Kardashian look-alikes, YouTube vloggers, and just about every makeup brand on shelves, contouring has become a household term. The technique, once reserved for industry pros, has become something your kid sister and your hip grandmother alike has mastered.
But while we were getting swept up in sculpting, we lost track of bronzing. Remember bronzer? That warm powder that makes you look all summery and sun-kissed and healthy? It's different than contour, but admittedly, it can be hard to figure out which is which.
According to makeup artist Tami Shirey, the undertones and application technique for each are what make them unique from one another. "When you're contouring, you want to put a product two shades darker than your skin tone right on the underside of your cheekbone," she says. "Contouring is playing with light [and creating] a shadow."
Bronzing, on the other hand, is all about mimicking a vacation glow. "Bronzer is used to warm up your face; you don't define anything with bronzer," says Shirey. "Dust bronzer in a '3' shape so you hit your forehead, cheeks, and under your jaw."
Ahead, an easy guide to choosing your best bronzer and contour powder.

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