Sandy Heroes: Free Phone-Charging Stations In Flatiron

For those among us who made the trek uptown yesterday, you might have seen the Brightbox charging stations at 28th Street and 5th Avenue, where you could charge your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone for free with a working credit card (for identification purposes — you won't be billed!). Said Adam Johnson from Brightbox, "When we got to the office, all the power was off, and people were charging their phones in all these awkward set-ups. And, we thought, 'Hey, we're in the phone charging business, we can help.' The first one was full in five minutes, so we set the second one up."
Today, their station is up and running outside the Ace Hotel on 29th street and Broadway, so head over there if you're in need of a charge.
William Gridley, CEO of Brightbox commented, “We are standing by to assist New Yorkers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and we hope that by providing free mobile charging stations at this difficult time will lessen the impact of the storm.” As of now, there are 45 venues in NYC where the Brightbox charging station is installed (see all the locations here), so be sure to support those businesses that host Brightbox, and not support price-gougers charging people to utilize their outlets. Hey, tech supply store on 29th street that's selling flashlights for $90 and single AAA batteries for $10, we're talking to you.
Oh, and if you want to see the lengths New Yorkers will go to stay plugged in (pun fully intended), check out the photo below our Senior beauty editor, Megan McIntyre's husband (Chris Feltman) took in Midtown. Looks like they could use some Brightbox action!
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From Top: Photo: Courtesy of Brightbox; Photo: Courtesy of Chris Feltman