These Ultra-Bright Winter Accessories Are An Instant Mood-Lifter

The holiday season may be full of cheer, but let's be honest: Sometimes getting through cold and dreary winters is a bit of a slog. For many of us, this time of year means short days (how is it already this dark at 5 p.m.?), freezing temperatures, and lots of layers. But even if we're suffering on the inside and wishing for spring to hurry up already, our winter wardrobe doesn't have to be as gloomy.
From December through February, if you're anything like me, you tend to gravitate toward a darker palette. In the dead of winter, I basically live in head-to-toe black. Sure, it's easy — but it's also kind of, well, sad. Swapping out your go-to blacks, grays, and navys for some color can make a world of difference. And accessories provide the perfect opportunity for adding a little color and sparkle to cold-weather ensembles.
Another key element to experiment with? Texture. Winter dressing can be pretty lifeless and one-dimensional — we are trying to stay warm, after all. Instead of reaching for the same dark, chunky knit scarf you always wear, why not switch it up and incorporate festive stripes and sequins? Teddy-bear fabric is another seasonally appropriate texture that's fun and playful yet also functional and practical.
Because the internet can be an overwhelming place, we've done all the heavy lifting and identified some ultra-bright winter accessories — including striped finds from Gap — that'll instantly liven up your wardrobe. It's not quite the same as early spring, but we'll take what we can get.

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