How To Apply Bright Eyeliner (Hint: You’ve Been Skipping A Step)

When it comes to bold beauty looks, we prefer not to sit on the sidelines. Bring on the strong lips, punched-up nails, and, in this case, the super-bright eyeliner. You (read: we) may have tried this before — grabbing the closest and boldest shade and swiping it on without much finesse — and the results were more hot mess(y) than magical. Thankfully, College Fashion has sufficiently schooled us with this step-by-step guide that breaks down this fun beauty look for you (again, read: us).
There are a few tricks to remember here that the video points out, and the most important one is to first sweep the line with white eyeliner once you've applied a base and light shadow to start. The pink liner (or any color of your choice) is then applied with a slanted brush on top of the white to achieve a makeup look that has a subtle flash of color. It's not overpowering or gimmicky, but it's sure to make a statement, and that ranks high in our book. Click over to check out the full tutorial. (College Fashion)

Photo: Via College Fashion

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