A Fly With A Golden Butt Is Named After (Surprise!) Beyonce

So maybe we're having a bit of a music issue today, but admit it, there's a whole lot to envy about Beyonce: her voice from the gods, her killer body, endless stream of awards, an enviable closet, rock-steady marriage, and beautiful new baby...the list is literally endless. One thing we're not so jealous of? A breed of housefly was just named after the singer because — wait for it — it has a "glamorous golden rear end," which, if you didn't know, makes you a diva in the insect world. We will give the newly named Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae props, however, for being more fly (get it?) than Aptostichus stephencolberti, the breed of trapdoor spider that is named after Stephen Colbert. And, seeing as little Blue Ivy has been in everything from a hit song to illicit substances, we wonder if this little tyke will get her own species next. Any ideas?

Photo: Via Flavorwire