How Fashion People Do Travel Style

Despite our love for people-watching during brunch or a day at the park, we'll be the first to admit the airport is one of the most interesting places to pick out a stylish passerby — especially during the holidays. After a quick scan of the all-business and barely awake crowds, you'll spot that traveler — the one who always, without a doubt, looks impossibly on point.

What she deems appropriate travel attire is a far cry from sweatpants; it's impeccably coordinated but still somehow comfortable. In sum, this is the kind of unicorn that'll make you want to take notes. So ahead with Bose, we've identified five different types of well-dressed travelers, from the wannabe beauty blogger to the headphones-wearing techie, breaking down the key characteristics that set each in-transit style apart. Click on and get inspired; even if you’re not boarding a plane this holiday season, these outfits will still look fly and travel easy. The best part? You can take in the view from the comfort of your couch instead of the food court (even though we could totally go for a hot pretzel right about now).

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