Is This Little Cup The Most Revolutionary Beauty Gizmo Ever?

Now that Movember is over, we've been happily spying more clean-shaven faces (although we do adore the rugged look and cause behind it). As for us ladies, de-fuzzing is just a fact of life. But, have you ever stopped to think about how much water is needed to clean the blade between each stroke? For one shave, up to ten gallons of water can be thoughtlessly wasted — until now!
Former investment banker Craig Battin came up with the idea for the Bonsai a little over a year ago when he realized that everyday shaving was a huge water drain. Bonsai is a smart little device that fills up with only about 2.5 ounces of water (yes, it looks just like a cup), but when you turn it on, it releases high-pressure stream to clean the blade of your razor, then filters the debris, and recirculates as you shave.
The recirculating water actually combines your shaving cream as it rinses it off your razor, thus cleaning and oiling your blades simultaneously. This is supposed to prevent oxidation of your blades, which makes them last longer. Aside from doing good for the environment, you're also doing good for your wallet (no need to stock up on razors on the reg). Talk about a smooth move.

Photo: Courtesy of Bonsai