Score Free BonLook Sunnies With Our Special R29 Code!

A new set of frames shouldn't cost a fortune — especially if you're like us and you manage to sit on every pair. So, when we discovered BonLook we seriously stocked up like a day at Costco. In addition to the lower-than-low price tags (seriously, we spend more on groceries in a given week), the company offers scores of unisex styles. What more could you ask for?
BonLook has gone above and beyond our wildest eyewear expectations by including a virtual app that allows customers to try before they buy. Plus, the brand donates a portion of the proceeds to charity, which tickles us in just the right way.
So, not only are we super stoked to reveal our latest frame find, but we're also partnering with BonLook to give away two new items from its solid stock of specs. Named after our favorite Faye Dunaway flick, the Bonnie & Clyde shades come in either midnight blue or turquoise and manage to look ah-mazing on both guys and gals.
How can you score these splendid sunnies? Just head over BonLook's website and enter the code LOVEREF29 to automatically receive one pair of Bonnie & Clyde sunglasses with your purchase. Now all we need is someone to share 'em with!
Photo: Courtesy of BonLook

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