This Top-Rated Serum Is Miracle Grow For Lackluster Lashes

I know plenty of people will claim to have paltry eyelashes, but I genuinely do. Not only are my lashes short and stick-straight (common for many AAPI folks), but I underwent invasive eye surgery as a teen to correct lazy eyes. When I awoke, I had discovered that the surgeon trimmed off all my lashes during the procedure. Can you imagine waking up from surgery without any lashes? Not only did it take years before they looked somewhat “normal” again, but I also swear my lashes were never the same after that.
Even though I’ve dealt with sparse lashes all my life, I’ve never gone as far as to use falsies, extensions, or a growth serum — mostly because my eyes are so sensitive and prone to infection. But, when the cruelty-free Australian beauty brand Bondi Lash Lab appeared on my radar this year, I felt compelled to test-drive its top-rated Lash & Brow Growth Serum. It’s already become a cult beauty pick from Down Under, and it’s now making its way through the U.S. market.
But what truly sold me on the product was how seemingly gentle this formula is — following the first ingredient of purified water, it only has eight others (which include familiar stuff like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin B7, aka biotin) whereas other serums I’ve seen from competitor brands tout daunting ingredient lists as long as essays. I also think of serums as having a goopy consistency, but this Lash & Brow Growth Serum is weightless and applies like clean drops of water. Even when some of it gets into my eyes, it doesn’t sting, irritate, or interfere with other eye makeup that might be on my face. It quickly dries like water, too — it doesn't leave any crust or residue behind, which means mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshadows can be applied shortly thereafter.
Photo: Courtesy of Jinnie Lee.
Measuring my lashes with the Bondi Lash Lab ruler.
As I write this review, I’ve been testing this product for a month and I’ve seen 1 mm of growth. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I consider it an astounding length for someone who has had such little lash to work with in the first place. (This two-in-one serum also works on brows. Just dab this onto your arches if you’re interested in a thicker, bushier texture.) For best results, however, a Bondi Lash Lab rep recommends consistent use of this serum for at least six months, with “applications twice per day on the roots of the lash hairs or brows.
And customers can’t stop raving about this enchanting growth formula — the enthusiasm is enough for me to keep using this product, even if patience is of the essence here. You know the folks at Bondi Lash Lab are super confident in this product because each serum also comes with its own lash measurement ruler, which can be used to document and track your growth progress. The serum’s got a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and 991 reviews on the site. Hyped lash and brow growers have written the likes of, “My eyelashes have always been short and sparse. I’ve been using this [serum] since October 2021 (it’s February 2022) and I HAVE LASHES!! When I rub my eyes, I can actually feel a thickness to each lash. I really hated paying so much for a serum but this is beyond worth it!!!” Another reviewer Myra called this serum a “Miracle in a bottle. That is how I will describe this product. Some months ago, I had many ‘bald’ spots on my brows. But thanks to this product, they were gone. Hair actually grew on there.” 
For those who looking for shorter-term, quick-fix touch-ups in the interim, Bondi Lash Lab also offers two other popular products: A Brow Gel that helps groom and maintain long brows and a Brow Pencil in light, medium, and dark brown to help shape, fill in, and highlight eyebrows. Or you can even grab all three Bondi products as a starter kit
“At the end of the day, we care about your lashes and brows!” the brand’s rep tells us. “Our products are paraben-free and sulfate-free, which are ingredients with potential long-term side effects.” While other brands may promise long, gorgeous lashes and strong brows more quickly than Bondi Lash Lab, the risk of putting such harsh chemicals in and around your eyes doesn’t seem worth it. It makes this MVP beauty product certainly nothing to bat an eye(lash) at.
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