The Truth About Waxing (What’s Up With It?!)

Shot and Edited by Jack Pearce.
I started asking people why they wax because I was wondering why I wax. And I thought that, maybe, I’d find my own answer in someone else’s logic. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn't find it. But a much more important conclusion became clear: Personal grooming is called personal for a reason. No, it’s not an off-limits topic, but it’s just as unique a preference, and as varied, as one’s own haircut. I, for example, wax every four weeks or so. I go to Strip Ministry of Wax due to their extremely hygienic practices (and fun chocolate and strawberry scented wax flavor!).
I started out searching for some universal truths about body hair, grooming, and pubic maintenance, but instead wound up with an informative, yet hilarious jaunt through the wild world of waxing — and not waxing. Everyone I spoke to takes it all off, leaves it all on, or maintains something in-between for a different reason — be it aesthetic or otherwise. However, as is usually the case, it was the journey to this new (albeit partial) knowledge that was far more interesting than the destination itself.
Along the way, I accosted unsuspecting New Yorkers on the street, spoke with a sex therapist, went on sales calls with pubic-hair entrepreneurs (yes, those exist), and even got waxed on camera (sorry, mom).
Press play for the shenanigans and a little background on the waxing biz, and, of course, chime in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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